Petworth Community Website

Petworth Community Website is hosted and managed by the Petworth & District Community Association. It is a website for the people of Petworth to be controlled and created by the people of Petworth. We aim to be inclusive and provide all the local organisations, groups and activities with the opportunity to share information about their events and services.

The aim is to provide each member organisation with an editable web page that will outline what they do. It will also have a Google Apps facility to that will provide the ability for participating groups to:

  • have access to a shared centralised calendar
  • access a collaborative email system
  • access, edit and share online documents and spreadsheets
  • centralised contacts details and email distribution lists
  • utilise Google Maps
  • utilise Google custom site search
  • utilise Google web analytics
  • add dedicated video via YouTube
  • easy access via a personal account per group

P&DCA reserve the right to remove any content placed in the calendar or elsewhere on the website, and will have the final say as to what organisations will be listed. It is not intended to allow businesses to be included.

Google Apps Overview Video [ 3 mins ]

Petworth and District Community Association link is a registered charity that organises community events and activities for Petworth and the surrounding area.